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In addition to our clothes and shoes, Houston Rags has become the go-to place for toys. We buy toys from all over the United States that have been checked for lead and other hazardous material. All toys are subject to our very strict quality control system, which ensures no harmful toys leave our facility and get into the hands of children.

Our supply is sorted into two categories – hard toys and soft toys – which are graded based on the following criteria:

Nothing broken, cracked or torn.
Nothing over the length of the average forearm.
Safety (i.e. cannot be subpar, not easily breakable, no sharp edges)
Recycle Your Used Toys with Houston Rags 

Just like clothing, we can buy toys separately, mixed or all together. Unfortunately, most used toys are thrown away and it is our mission at Houston Rags to eliminate this waste and inform communities about our excellent toys recyling program. 



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