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Houston Rags, Inc. is a leader in the selling and exporting of used clothing, vintage, shoes, toys and wipers. For over 17 years, we have served countries that span six continents and varying market needs. Our products and customer service are the reason we have developed long-term business relationships with each one of our customers. We are committed to delivering exactly what our customers need, and more.


We are a family owned and operated business that started off as a small investment idea and turned into a successful business and one of our greatest passions in life. Soon after Houston Rags was born, we realized that the amount of impact we were having on the world was much greater than we had imagined. Not only were we providing clothing to countries that would otherwise be without, but we were also creating a significant amount of local jobs, and fostering employment rates throughout the globe by exporting and trading our product. We have also saved landfills from millions of tons of additional waste, reducing our carbon footprint, which is something we are tremendously proud of. 


Today we continue to recycle, resell and donate our products throughout the globe, targeting every customer from the high-end boutique to the thrifty flea market, and everyone in between. Our mission is simply to continue expanding and improving on this cycle of trade and growth that benefits people throughout the entire world. 



The Houston Rags Difference

Here at Houston Rags we really want to show our customers what makes us unique. We specially train every grader to carefully sort and meticulously grade every piece of raw material that comes through our facility. All raw materials are purchased from second-hand retailers, companies and individuals, or collected from donations. Our Houston facility allows us to maintain optimal quality control over the entire process, from initial sorting to final shipment. Today we grade over 25 million pounds of post-consumer textiles, shoes, toys and miscellaneous items per year in our facility. 


One thing we really want our customers to know is that we are always ready to host; we are extremely proud of our facility and always encourage people to look through our selection for the chance to handpick the unique, eye-catching pieces that keep your boutiques trendy. Many of our customers buy in bulk for markets worldwide, and we especially encourage those to come in and handpick their barrels as well.

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